What you should know about this film:

No Family History turns the debate about breast cancer upside down by proposing beforesolutions about prevention, rather searching only for a cure.   We reveal how the pink mask of racing for the cure has hidden the profits and pain of the disease.   A few dedicated experts tell the story of how they began to realize all the toxic exposures in daily life that could be causing the epidemic - toxics in their home and even their own personal care products.   A few dedicated breast cancer activists relate how they tried to improve regulations to prevent breast cancer, and how they have changed their own lives to make it safer.

No Family History tells the story of Robin who is one of thousands of women forced to combat breast cancer in their lives. Breast cancer can strike anyone at almost any age, from any background, and can be discovered at any stage.

firefoxRobin Caslenova is a forty-four year old Jewish woman whose double mastectomy followed the unsuccessful removal of a cancerous lump. She lives on Long Island with her three children and husband. The film follows Robin and her family through her operation and months of chemotherapy. It links her personal story with the incredibly high incidence of breast cancer on Long Island, and the research that has attempted to explain the rates. For the first time on film, it shows the grueling reality of breast cancer treatment including graphic images of the operating room and chemotherapy.

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